Our Team

Rama Saleem

Assistant Director Public Relation & Networking

Rama Saleem belongs to a bustling urban city of Lahore, where she was privileged to be born to an educated and understanding parents. For her there was a support and freedom to choose the journey of her life and avail as much opportunities as she could. From her childhood times she had keen interest in reading stories of innovated biology but reading, learning and knowledge alone was not satisfying, she yearned for practical ways to express her convictions accordingly. So, she decided to be a researcher in the field of Biotechnology and now she is enrolled in PhD (Molecular Biology and Forensic Sciences) and working on inflammatory diseases. She is also a lecturer by profession.

She also writes for Pakistan’s only online scientific journal “ Technology Times Pakistan”. Her empathetic and observant nature gave her insights that big cities do have their problems and people migrating form rural areas still hold the conservative and narrow approach towards young women who wish to get education and work. This sparked her desire to work toward extending equal opportunities in education, employment particularly for those in the urban cities. She worked with many non-profit organisations like Liberal Forum, Freidrich Noumann Foundation, and Chaudry Sarwar Foundation to translate her passion into practical fields of work.