Our Team

Naureen Nazir

Director Communications & Membership

Naureen is a linguist, life skills expert, social activist and a writer having more than 6 years of experience in corporate sector, academia and student organization settings. Naureen earned her MPhil Degree in “Applied Linguistics” from the renowned university of Pakistan, Kinnaird College for Women and University in 2017. She has been associated with multilateral organization, University of Management and Technology for more than 4 years in diverse national and international projects in the capacity of ‘Research Associate’. She is a well diligent, articulate and a focused individual who has expertise in managing communications effectively and efficiently.

It has always been Naureen’s aspiration to improve the education sector of Pakistan. Utilizing her ample knowledge in Linguistics and academic skills, she developed a curriculum titled “Life and Learning” for the school students and registered the initiative of introducing ‘Life Skills in School Education’ with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education of United Nations under the following number, #SDGActions32751. She is a curriculum developer and life skills coach.

Due to her profound love for Pakistan, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to community services and human development projects. She is a co-founder of ‘Hunt the Hunger’, a non- profit voluntary based community which aligns its mission of eliminating the threat of hunger with the UN Sustainable development Goal 2- Zero Hunger. HTH collects surplus food from different restaurants and provide food to the under privileged people of our community.

She is a Deputy Director Humanities and Inclusion at Khidmat-e-Ummat Foundation; a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to service of humanity without any kind of discrimination to contribute towards their well-being. Khidmat -e- Ummat Foundation is committed to serve the humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of ideology, religion, race, clan and political affiliation.

She is also an ambassador of ‘Each one teach one’ at University of Lahore. Each One Teach One (EOTO) is an educational base serving program, which aims to uproot the social evil of ‘Child labor’ and provides free education and books to poor children who cannot afford education. We set up small camps on the road side to teach poor students. We teach them through concept based learning for example, how rain is formed.

She is also an executive member of ‘Sitara Hilal Foundation’, a non-partisan and an apolitical non-profit forum which aspires to work for the welfare and prosperity of Pakistan by bringing together vibrant youth. Recently, we set up a 'Youth camp' to engage young students in plantation and cleaning activities.

She says that “I have always strived for women empowerment and wanted to do something for the welfare of women. Therefore, I decided to join ‘Students Defender’ to raise my voice against injustice and fiendish acts committed by people against the fairer gender in our community.”