Our Team

Nabila Abbas

Executive Director

Nabila Abbas is from a remote area of Pakistan, from a small tribe, where people were endowed with a dismal fate. Nabila says there was no education, awareness, technology, facility, no advancements, modern ways of life, or freedoms. As a girl in this environment, she found it terrifically challenging to dream for anything. Her surroundings oppressed the flourishing of ideas and the struggle to live consumed daily life. How would one dream for anything more? She found her love and ambition for aviation at a very young age. In a village where youth lack moral support and career counseling to direct their future hopes, Nabila was a joke for enjoying her “fancy world” of ambition. But to Nabila, it was clear that she would rather die for her passion than endure the boredom of her conservative tribe and environment. Nabila describes how most of her peers were hunted by depression because they had no one to listen to them. She wished there were more equal and open opportunities for her and her peers to stimulate creative thinking when envisioning a future. She thinks that a nurturing environment would have encouraged interest, especially the youth-led creation of better circumstances.

Nabila is passionate student of BS Aviation Management at University of Management and Technology & graduated in 2019.

She has started her early activisms and advocacy since her teenage when at her school level she became the first girl who built up sports girls team at national level. She has always been inspiring to get her girls on equal platforms. She started her first ever platform entitled " Aviation Literary forum" since 2016. Through this forum, she had successfully engaged hundreds of thousands of young students to embracing leadership skills. She is also now working with multi national and international forums; the international Congress of youth voices, the conversationalist, equal dreams, association of women rights, scouts club umt, Royal commonwealth society, Zero hour, National Youth assembly.

Nabila has the privileged holding " The Diana Award 2020" at Royal lords, UK. She hopes to break stereotypes in Pakistan and forge a path for youth in the various fields. She is also working for rural developments at various International Organisations.