Our Team

Ayesha Mehmood

Director Public Relation & Networking

Ayesha was born and raised in Islamic country, Pakistan that is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religion society. For her, this journey started due to the two role models within her own home - her mom, and her grandmother. She thinks they laid the foundation by being women of courage and purpose. They were a strong lady with a firm conviction that all women should have economic independence, because it gives them confidence, a sense of self-worth and positively impacts the attitude of those around her. It may sound a little out of context, but one person that truly inspires her in advancing women’s economic empowerment is a man: Hafiz Junaid Mahmood Undervaluing and underestimating women has become an inherent part of many societies and countries. Men and women who made history are those that challenged the status qou. They asked questions, they make a demand. They are never quiet when they see things go wrong. They aspire to bring a necessary change in the world where there perceived injustice is noted. As a child Ayesha often noticed and questioned the inequality and marginalization she perceived among different ethnic groups in her region. She recalls her first social activism at the age of thirteen, which was related to gender discrimination, social and cultural rights of women.

From the onset of her career, she has been so outspoken regarding women issues. She is social entrepreneur and activist-working towards the empowerment of women and girls. Since 2014, she has coordinated international programmes that focused on women`s leadership, and the rights of persons with disabilities. She was especially interested in the human rights situation in her country. The fact that democratic development and peace have become the core of her societal vision.

She loves the opportunity to make people’s lives better, even in a small way. She feels that society continues facing various challenges like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, child labor and much more. There is still a major section of the society who are deprived of the necessities of life. A famous quote says, “Great changes in the society are always inspired and set in motion by one person. Be that person today”. She is Founder of ‘Hunt the Hunger’, a non- profit voluntary based community which aligns its mission of eliminating the threat of hunger with the UN Sustainable development Goal 2- Zero Hunger.

She is a Director Humanities and Inclusion at Khidmat-e-Ummah Foundation; a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to service of humanity without any kind of discrimination to contribute towards their well-being. Khidmat -e- Ummah Foundation is committed to serve the humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of ideology, religion, race, clan, and political affiliation.

She is an ambassador of ‘Each one teach one’ at University of Lahore. Each One Teach One (EOTO) is an educational base serving program, which aims to uproot the social evil of ‘Child labor’ and provides free education and books to poor children who cannot afford education. She is also an executive member of ‘Sitara Hilal Foundation’, a non-partisan and an apolitical non-profit forum which aspires to work for the welfare and prosperity of Pakistan by bringing together vibrant youth.

Ayesha has a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from University of Management and Technology, School of Business and Economics that is accredited among the top 5 business schools in Pakistan., and holds a double bachelor’s degree in Environmental Physics and Mass Communication at the Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). She has over 10 years of professional experience in corporate sector in Pakistan.
Ayesha has the privileged of holding the following awards:
o President, University Student Government Association
o Executive President in International Education Society
o Ambassador, Worldwide Fund for Nature
o Ambassador, WWF Green School Programme