Our Team

Aisha Saeed

Director Advocacy

Aisha Saeed is an independent analyst and currently the Feature Editor of Academia Magazine, Pakistan's first education magazine. With a Baccalaureate degree in Politics and Media, Aisha has been analyzing media's impact on foreign policy and national security for think tanks for the past 4 years. Her works focus on national security, foreign policy, media and education. She has written for both national and international outlets including the Daily Times, CRSS, Global Village Space, CSCR, Pakistan Politico and others. Aisha was among first few of the Pakistani youth writing and working on various aspects of matters pertaining to Pakistan.

Aisha is a firm believer of youth participation in national policy making of the country. She had been a part of different student societies throughout her school and college life. Aisha has been working towards bridging the gap between the youth of the country by being a part of different organizations working towards bringing a unified front among the youth of Pakistan.

She wishes to see Pakistani youth rising to power and running the country side by side with its peers. By joining Youth for Pakistan, Aisha aims at helping the youth of Pakistan to learn more about the skills & process involved in public policy-making and ultimately developing these individuals into future leaders of Pakistan.